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Runtime 20 min
Completion Date: April 2016

During 24 hours people and cargo pile upon a refugee truck which is stuck in the Judea-plain. Lingering between past and future, the ongoing moment of lacking knowledge turns itself into a state of life. Sham (there) is the second of a film series made as part of the 'Guava' platform. “Guava” is a platform for art actions that challenges the possibility of free movement and the removal of borders in the Middle East. It practices political imagination, involving the area of the Middle East and it’s residents, through film, video, performance and participatory art.

Structures of Nature

Director Martin Gerigk
Runtime 18 min 39 sec 
Completion Date: Feb 2017

'Structures of Nature' is an audiovisual journey in the form of a three-part interaction between four narrators, emergent sound events and rhythmicized synaesthetic video sequences. A symbiosis of visual processes and natural and artificial sounds.
 Images, music, speech and sounds are commensurate compositional elements that lead the viewer through various microscopic and macroscopic structures of nature in a literal and transcendent sense, making them sensuous to the eye and ear.

Parallel Lives

Director Hase & Zinser
Runtime 17:10
Completion Date: February 18, 2017
Student Project

"Parallel Lives" represents a cycle in which three colors rotate around a protagonist while each of the colors stands for a different moment in time. In all of them the protagonist finds himself confronted by causalities of his actions as he lives entirely isolated from the outside world.

A greek in Berlin

Director David Desideri
Runtime 8:22
Completion Date: June 21, 2016
First-time Filmmaker

A greek business man arrives at the Berlin Tempelhof Airport.
But nobody expects him and pics him up. After a while he decides to go on his own to his destinatation. He takes the subway and by asking a kind man he finally reach his goal.
But he must learn that there is no Economic Aid Institute for Greece at the indicated adress on the business card. Somehow he was cheated. He asks a woman for the nearest ATM in order to obtain cash but the ATM terminal refuses him the money.
He is despaired and shouts out loud so that all people around notice him. After he shouts "Damn you all!" a guitar player goes to the angry greek and begins to play Syrtaki music. And indeed the greek start to dance. Some people join him and they happily dance together. So it seems that solidarity and affection is more important than money and business.

ELEMENTS 1, 2, 3

Director Tomaž Burlin
Runtime 7:21
Completion Date: January 10, 2017

A trilogy composed of images from a tropical forest, water and a building.
Made of three short parts, three distinct periphrasis, each characterised by a particular aesthetic and technical approach. The idea of periphrasis is articulated trough the relation between moving images and music.

Star way

Director Sana Bezmenova
Russian Federation
Runtime 57:00
Completion Date: September 17, 2016
First-time Filmmaker

"Star way" is a story of two girls, who organized a children's team and were able to dignify their courtyard. The story rises an issue of street children, drug addiction and people with disabilities. The main motive of this movie is that we are responsible for those who tamed.

Does the Sand Hear the Waves?

Director Taravat Khalili
Runtime  30 min 19 sec  
Completion Date: Jul 2016

Journey of a girl raised in an Eastern culture, but who resides in a Western country.

story for an empty theatre

Directors Aleksandr Balagura , Cesare Bedogne
Runtime  57:00
Completion Date: May 12, 2015

This film narrates an intense story of love, disease and death, inspired by the autobiographical novel “Beyond the Blue”, by the Italian photographer and writer Cesare Bedognè. The novel is at the basis of the theatrical performance of the same name which, together with the writer’s photographs, was the first material on which this film was created. In this work still photographs, classical music, theatrical choreographies belonging to the Japanese Butō’s tradition, lyrical prose, diary fragments and poems merge cinematographically, through the editing by the Russian director Aleksandr Balagura, with shots improvised during the performance and other shots taken both in a deserted Sanatorium of the Italian Alps, the place of the writer’s past, and on the Greek island of Lesvos, the place of his present.

Black Men: Naked Truth

Director Devin Robinson X, Devin Robinson
Runtime  1 hr 16 min 17 sec
Completion Date: Aug 2016

The first one-man show that chronicles seven funny, dramatic and untold stories about what 'Good' Black men endure throughout their lives.

A Postcard:

Director Zoey Peck
United States
Runtime 3:45
Completion Date: October 5, 2016
Student Project

[cthorsion scrypt fantomsens]

Director Chris Boyd
United Kingdom
Runtime 5:28
Completion Date: April 6, 2015

Excavating the intimate interrelations between writing and death, a virtual ka-mera scans a phantom shrouded figure in an anechoic chamber. Linear text bursts into an asignifying swarm where the letter C escapes and descends into a presignifying regime, breaks free from its carapace/shroud and mutates into primitive biological forms and mark making.
"remarkable" "a poet in a frenzy" legendary director Werner Herzog
"undisciplined genius" "one of our most important artists" controversial English art critic and media personality Brian Sewell

Black Babylonian Beads

Director Paul Leibow
Runtime 11 min 
Completion Date: Jun 2016

A completed eleven minute short film housing a experimental poetic mash-up using one actor, over a back drop of several historical locations which over lap through a concept from the slave trade in Africa to America's killing streets. This will question ways, we as country, view law enforcement, perceive due process, incarcerate and publicly record misconduct from the current institutional approach over conflict with regards to ethnicity, and minorities exposing excess abuse interior and also urban locations.

Teaser - impression de cinéma

Runtime  25 min
Completion Date: June, 2016

"Teaser" is developed around an impressionistic approach. A character sees his reality disrupted by hearing problems and film ideas that emerge chaotically. His perceptions build and merge to become a single reality.


Runtime  23 min
Completion Date: October, 2014

This film involves a journey through a landscape of infrastructures that are common to an everyday reality of routine. Yet here we find these environments are deserted. This allows attention to focus instead on the design and spatial arrangements of the objects, we find the features of these landscapes – which would not usually bear noticing – become centrally present. Infrastructures involves a series of seven tracking shots. A steady flow of objects in various contrived arrangements passes by the eye. The sound design incorporates the subtle noises given off by these ready-to-use sites devoid of users. Produced in Dolby Surround, the soundtrack both evokes the physical experience of the location and creates a dialogue with these structured spaces and the arrangement and design of the objects therein.

Light Divides the Square

Director Kimberly Burleigh
United States
Runtime 4:48
Completion Date: September 16, 2012

To create this computer animation, I formed a virtual fluid body in the computer and then created a rippling surface by periodically perturbing it with invisible shape-shifting objects. I cast a virtual light on the fluid and as the rays of light passed through the surface they refracted and created the “rippling caustics” on another surface placed beneath the fluid surface.
While the placement and form of each of the invisible objects is a significant factor in forming the patterns, the repercussive wave formations as they collide with each other and the pool edges create new patterns and compositions.


Runtime 10 min 54 sec
Completion Date: Sep 2016

A black polygon appears on a top of a building, and morphs with its environment.

Shadows of the past

Director Ogie Hays
Runtime 7 min 50 sec
Completion Date: Mar 2016 

A day in Brazil and a short journey through the past.

GOLD - looking for Oz

Director Francesca Fini
Runtime 1 hr 
Completion Date:  Jul 2016

Looking for Oz in the City of Gods? A performance-based art movie in Jerusalem.

Palpitations of Dust

Director Ann Huang
U S A 
Runtime  7 min 2 sec 
Completion Date: Aug 2016

The five surrealist poems in one presentation represents the continuous and infinite patterns of a life in dreams and the dreams demanding synchronicity from it.


Director Samantha Krukowski
U S A 
Runtime 9 min 
Completion Date: Mar 2008 

artreading is a cameraless film that is a response to image saturation in contemporary culture, a critique of image excess as it relates to cultural memory, and a personal attempt to remember images from the multitude presented in the art, architecture and film magazines that appear monthly on my doorstep. In the context of my interest in scientific imagery, objects and processes, artreading is also an exercise in recombination.

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Song of King Solomon

Director Stephen Southouse
United Kingdom
Runtime 1 hr 18 min
Completion Date: Nov 2011 

The angels look down upon King Solomon with his many wives and concubines and realize one thing is lacking in his life - Love.

Inherit The Stars: The Director's Cut

Directors  Keishi Suenaga
Runtime 2 hr 13 min 40 sec
Completion Date: Apr 2016

A retired Russian soldier Eiji Onodera (Keishi Suenaga) was going to his hometown in Japan. But on his way, he was caught and given a new mission by his ex-colleague Vadim Dadikov (Gohnosuke Tokuda). Onodera and his father would never be free unless he completes the secret mission. He and the Sergeant Zinaida Zasyekina (Satoko Enmei) go to Hokkaido to monitor an ex-officer of Self Defence Force of Japan, Toshio Honda (Taiyo Sawa). Honda has killed 27 people including his colleagues, and is hiding in a mountain with a mysterious beauty, Risa (Riho Yoshioka)…


Director Daniel Gwirtzman
United States
Runtime  12:30
Completion Date: September 15, 2016

​Terrain, filmed in the desert region of Murcia, southern Spain, depicts a body in a vast mountainous landscape. At first a mere dot indistinguishable against this rocky backdrop, the viewer is challenged to discern the camouflaged body, a kind of Where’s Waldo. As the film progresses, the performer gradually comes into close focus, revealing detailed glimpses of the body akin to an animal in the wild. Further confounding expectations multiple variations of this body emerge from the arid land. What story can a body in this space provoke?

There's Always Tomorrow

Director Shilpa Krishnan Shukla
Runtime 1 hr 11 min
Completion Date:  Aug 2016

Ex-lovers Anthony & Durga, who are now happily settled in their respective married lives, have a chance meeting after a gap of eight years in Abu Dhabi, a meeting that ends up being a journey of self-discovery and new beginnings.

God's Gamble 2

Director John Hipwell
Runtime 11:46
Completion Date: September 7, 2016
First-time Filmmaker

In trying to save their ‘film of faith’ from victimising an unsuspecting audience, a 'brutalist' producer and his pair of perfectionist interns have their very own faith pushed to its breaking point during a turbulent film-making process.

Deep into Sleep

Director Virgile Novarina
Runtime 39:00
Completion Date: July 18, 2016

A literary and philosophical descent into various sleep states


Director Frédéric Radepont
Runtime   1 hr 30 min 
Completion Date: Jun 2016

Upon the death of his mother, Romain finds out he has a half-brother. He abandons his hometown to meet him and get closer to the only sibling he has left. As he is caught up by his past and an old debt, his childhood friend entrusted to return the money to his owner comes out of the blue.

The Return

Director Predrag Jaksic
Runtime  1 hr 30 min 
Completion Date: Jun 2016

Movie The Return is a kind of a psychological study, told through a thriller genre, about a repatriate who after 40 years returns to his home town where he has no family left. Following him, his friends from the USA are trying to take him back, and a small village in Vojvodina is starting to feel alive like never before. Felling guilty for leaving behind and failing the people who brought him up, and not being able to protect his new family in the USA, protagonist torn by the suspicion, unable to perceive objectively the events surrounding him, believing more in the surreal than evident answers, all the while not knowing whether coming back home means returning to his home town or by leaving it and going back to place where his spent his whole life – in a foreign land.


Director Yoshinari Nishikôri
Runtime  2 hr 15 min
Completion Date: Sep 2016

A man destined at birth to make Tamahagane Departs on a journey to become a Samurai. People later called this young man The 'Tatara Samurai'.

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